Ondansetron HCL Drug Given to Chemotherapy Patients

Ondansetron HCL-chemotherapy-patients

Chemotherapy drugs and treatments can be given in different ways. Drugs like ondansetron hcl helps in treating nausea and vomiting that usually caused by radiation therapy, chemotherapy, or surgery.

How chemotherapy is given?

The method of handling of chemo treatments along with the dose of drugs is determined by rigorous testing called clinical trials, which are performed before the specific chemo drug being available with patients for commercial use. In the mean while, when these tests are performed, doctors and the researchers determine how specific chemo drugs are absorbed by human body and how they function.

Sometimes stomach juices have potential to destroy different chemicals, making some medications impossible to give for doctors as a pill. For such situations, doctors need to inject some medications into the muscle, which are absorbed when given into the bladder or the abdominal activity directly.

There are some oral chemo medications that are taken by mouth. These medications can be swallowed by the patient. He can avail them in distinct variety of oral forms like tablet, pills, capsules, and syrups. These all medications can be absorbed by the stomach or under the tongue.

Why cannot all medications available in oral form?

There are some medications that cannot be given to chemotherapy patient orally because the stomach acids can destroy them. Other medications cannot be absorbed into the body of the patient through the lining of the intestines or stomach. If the drug is unable to absorb by body, it is passed through the urine or stool and is ineffective. Other medications or drugs may be too harsh and cause damage to the lining of the stomach.

Some chemotherapy can be given by multiple methods like oral or intravenous depending on the convenience, strength, and regimen prescribed by the doctor.

Intravesicular chemo treatments – Intravesicular medications are offered with the use of a urinary catheter into the bladder directly. This treatment is frequently used for the people with superficially invasive bladder cancer.

Topical chemo treatment – Some chemotherapy creams are used and applied on to the skin in certain cases of skin cancer. The cream is later absorbed through the skin directly within the cancerous lesion. However, the use of topical preparations is limited in certain cancer treatments.

Mahrshee Lab experts offer ondansetron hcl and other drugs that are specifically used by doctors to treat nausea and vomiting in their patients to whom chemotherapy is given.

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